What's in the box?

brown trout rising fly fishing hat sitting in box with packaging pillows and tape with high on the fly logo

Spoiler alert! You're about to get some insider info. We take great care with every item we place in your package. Which means EVERYTHING from trimming the threads on the embroidery on your hat, down to the packaging itself.

Inside your package, you may find more than you purchased - which means we don't follow the packing slip to a T, we do a little bit more. In your package, you may find some small gifts of appreciation as well as care in wrapping and taping - and it even means that your favorite new hat took a nice little ride wrapped up and cushioned in bubble pillows.

We love your hat too.

BUT there might be something you don't see in your package - like wasted resources dumped into a landfill. While the bubble pillow packers we use are made of plastics, what you might not know - but are now privy to - is that we spend time intercepting consumers from tossing their packaging into the trash, so they can be reused in our packages. We know that by doing this, we lessen the risk of sending them to the landfill, or finding them in the rivers, or oceans we love. We realize that they are a useful item for packaging, and we can't prevent them from being used in the first place - but in the second place, we can do better. We have taken the time to gather and reuse to make a small difference in every one of our boxes from day 1 of our business. 

So this is your little sneak peak inside the next box delivered to you from High On The Fly. It's a small difference, but by small things are great things brought to pass. 

What little things are you doing to better the world around you? Every bit matters and we'd love to hear your ideas!

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