Project High On The Fly

Waders and boots are buckled and laced. A hat on your head and a rod in your hand. You walk between trees and through tall grass while the birds are singing, butterflies cross your path and a squirrel skitters up a tree. You reach the river and inhale a fresh breath of crisp mountain air as you set your foot into the cool waters. Suddenly, you're immersed in nature and the river gurgles around you then rushes around your legs and all 5 senses partake in the beauty of the moment. The sounds of nature overpower the thoughts in your head. You lay out your line on the river with a metal hook and feathers, tied on the end - only to have the smooth water disrupted by the abrupt movements of a fish swallowing that fly and pulling on the line as you set the hook. The small fly takes on a significance you wouldn't otherwise believe possible, as it proves itself capable of attracting and holding onto a huge rainbow trout. The tug of war begins as you reel in the line, then release it to allow the fish to fight - until it's ready for the net.. and that's where the true magic happens - you're holding a beautiful, living work of art in your hands. You experience the colors and pattern created by God's hand and uniquely placed on this fish as a gift for your enjoyment. A few pictures to remember him by, and then the choice to release him to the river to perhaps meet again someday - both of you better than you were before. At that moment the heaviness of life is offset by the joy of catching and holding that fish, then watching it disappear into the depths of the river - reflecting light in the patterns and shapes created by the rocks below.. And with it, your worries, your work day, your bills or your frustrations.. leaving you with the symbolic hope for another day, when the two of you will meet again. You check your fly, and begin to cast the line in the rhythmic movement through the air that becomes your metronome for life. All is well.

Many fly fisherman & women can tell you all about how the river has saved them. The immersive experience on the river, can help work out life's problems and then seemingly wash them away. As Heraclitus said, "No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." This is the reason behind the name of our business and this is the purpose behind our vision to give back with Project High On The Fly.

Life has it's ups and downs and sometimes it can get hard - even tragic. We have known of families who unexpectedly lost their dad and it's amazing what a day on the river can do to uplift the spirit and improve the outlook of someone struggling with such a heavy weight. We've witnessed fly fishing creating a decrease in depression, anxiety or simply provide the distraction needed to decompress and have hope, positivity and peace take their place. Sickness, divorce, financial hardship or accidents.. the lows are part of life, but they don't need to be part of every day.

 We are opening up Project High On The Fly to the public. We need your help to find those who could use a lift in their life or a distraction from their thoughts - then we will periodically select from those nominees to find who would be the most in need of a full guided day on the river. Our goal is to give back by helping others to have a good day and to hopefully find the healing we experience on the river.

To nominate someone to be the recipient of Project High On The Fly, please fill out the form HERE found in the link on, or in our bio on @highonthefly_official (instagram), or High On The Fly on Facebook, and tell us their story.

We may not be able to help everyone, but we will carefully seek to give to all that we can.  Thank you for your help.