About us

Let me tell you about a guy named Hy (Hyrum). He's been obsessed with fly fishing from the moment he held a fish in his hand. Some might say he's a fly fishing guru - and they might be right. This guy could catch a fish out of puddle. He builds his own rods, ties his own flies, and he's been known to take a few celebrities out on the river from time to time.

But this story isn't just about a guy that's great at what he does. This is a story about passion and sharing it with those around you. This is a story about when someone's passion is so heartfelt and strong that people gravitate to them and want to feel some of what they enjoy. This is a story about family and friends and enjoying the company of others. And this is a story about when people believe in you so much, that they develop dreams for you and for your success.. and that is why we have created High On The Fly. 

We want to take our passion and give you a taste of our brand.. if you can come to our site and imagine the sound of water rushing by, while birds chirp in the trees and a fish takes the hook, then we've hopefully given you a moment of the zen that we feel with a rod in our hand. If we can help you learn and enjoy more about the sport, then we've succeeded.. but if you then continue to pass that love (and maybe our site) on to others - then we've added on to our family. 

Welcome to High On The Fly.. we're all (fly fishing) addicts here.