The Ultimate Grand Slam Trout Bundle! 🎁

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Catch them ALL today! These premium designs are THE most popular and sell out quickly. Net theseΒ before they're all gone!

🎁 Gift wrap available

Grab this set for yourself, or split it up for great gifts!

All 4 Trout Skin Gaiters:

- Artistically rendered Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Tiger Trout designs you can't find anywhere else!

- Vibrant high quality coloring

- One size fits most

- Polyester microfiber, UV blocking material

- Hand wash recommended

All 4 Trout Skin Stickers:

- Artistically designed Brook, Brown, Tiger, Rainbow with an Adams Fly over the top.Β 

-UV Printed on PVC - the ultimate sticker for materials for durability!

- Can outlast any weather and dishwasher - so you can use them anywhere!

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