Fly Fishing Gift Tags

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Instead of just using the snowman petting a dog sticker you can get from the store, why not use these unique Fly Fishing gift tags! 

These HOTF Gift Gift Tags can be quickly printed on any printer, cut and used on your package to impress - without the need to run to the store. Simply fill them out and either hang by string or tape to the package! Following the completion of your order, you will recieve an email with the document ready for printing.

8 different tags are included. Each label will print at the dimensions of approximately 3.5 x 2 inches, depending on your printer settings.  We recommend printing on Cardstock and in color without borders (edge to edge).

**These Gift Tags are Copyrighted by Stacey Weaver of These are for your personal use and are not to be sold, redistributed, or copied for any financial gain or promotional gain in any manner. 

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