Stacey & Hy on the Fly

I am not, by definition, a keeper of all things in their places, analytical type. But there was a time, where I thought different groups of friends should be kept separately and some things shouldn't mix - like salt on watermelon. Along this same line of thinking, I believed that fishing trips had to be separated from family vacations in order to have quality time. Surely some of this thinking must have come from my prior experiences and the belief systems I had developed as a result. Most definitely, I tried to keep fishing separated from family time, because Hyrum was so obsessed with fishing - and my reluctance to have our vacations become sitting by a river, undoubtedly made him feel he would be missing out.  We'd leave the fly gear at home and he'd look longingly at the rivers we'd pass on the way from places like Portland to the coast. 
And so it was.. he'd go on fishing trips, we'd go on vacations and then there were times that our family took drives and joined at the river. It has taken time for us to figure out the pattern of the metaphorical river we lived..
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